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ATM Workshop on PDE and Mechanics

Kerala School of Mathematics
1-6 February, 2016
Kozhikode, Kerala
Supported by National Center for Mathematics


Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method for scalar conservation laws, semi-discrete scheme, numerical flux, L2 stability, entropy condition, basis functions, quadrature, Runge-Kutta scheme, numerical implementation, linear and non-linear examples, TVD and TVB limiter


Get a pdf of the notes here.


The following codes are written in C++ using the deal.II library. You need to install deal.II for these codes to work. At the time of this workshop, we used deal.II version 8.3.0.

  1. Linear convection equation in 1-D
  2. Non-linear conservation law (Burgers equation)
  3. Linear convection equation in 2-D

You can read the codes on github where some more information is available on how to run the codes. You can also download the code using git

git clone

Or, download a zip file of all the code.