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Numerics and Control of PDE

This is part of the IFCAM Summer School on Numerics and Control of PDE held in Dept. of Mathematics, IISc, Bangalore during 22 July-2 August 2013.

Slides and notes of numerical sessions

To download the following pdf file, right click in your mouse and save the file to your computer.

  1. Introduction to matlab
  2. Inverted pendulum
  3. One dimensional heat equation
  4. Two dimensional heat equation
  5. One dimensional Burger's equation
  6. Two dimensional Burger's equation

Programs (browse git repository)

  1. Introduction to matlab
  2. Inverted pendulum
  3. 1-D heat equation
  4. 2-D heat equation
  5. 1-D burger's equation
  6. 2-D burger's equation

You can get all the code and slides using git

git clone

This will create a directory called control2013 with many sub directories. The directory notes contains the slides and notes.

To update the code to latest version, do the following

cd control2013
git pull