Praveen Chandrashekar

Centre for Applicable Mathematics, TIFR, Bangalore

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Computational Methods (Jan-May 2016)

Class timings: Monday and Friday, 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM
Class room: Auditorium
Grading: Homework (20), notes (20), midterm (30), final (30)


Class notes

You are expected to take notes in class. By the first class of every week, you must submit your class notes for the previous week. This will be considered for your assessment.


The codes used in the course can be obtained from github. If you use git, you should clone

git clone

Alternately, you can download a zip file.

Reference books

  1. V. Thomee and S. Larsson, Partial Differential Equations with Numerical Methods, Texts in Applied Mathematics, Springer
  2. J. W. Thomas, Numerical Partial Differential Equations: Finite Difference Methods, Texts in Applied Mathematics 22, Springer.
  3. R. J. LeVeque, Finite Difference methods for ordinary and partial differential equations, SIAM
  4. P. Wesseling, Principles of Computational Fluid Dynamics, Springer
  5. E. Suli, Numerical solution of PDEs, lecture notes, search on his website or get it here