Praveen Chandrashekar

Centre for Applicable Mathematics, TIFR, Bangalore

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Computational hyperbolic PDE (Jan-Apr 2024)

Class      : Tuesday at 11 AM, Wednesday at 2 PM, Friday at 9 AM  
Place      : Auditorium
Grading    : Homework (30), midterm (30), final (40)
First class: 3 Jan 2024


  1. Aadi Bhure (C)
  2. Kousik Samanta (C)
  3. Aniket Pal (C)
  4. Keshav Sharma (C)
  5. Nanda Raghunathan (C)
  6. Arpit Babbar
  7. Jalil Khan
  8. Sandeep Kumar
  9. Venkatesh Parasuram


Linear equations: Conservation laws and differential equations, characteristics and Riemann problem for hyperbolic systems, finite volume methods, high resolution methods, boundary conditions, convergence, accuracy and stability, variable coefficient linear equations

MUSCL-Hancock, ENO-WENO schemes, time stepping, Central schemes

Nonlinear equations: Scalar problems and finite volume method, nonlinear systems, gas dynamics and Euler equations, FVM for nonlinear systems, approximate Riemann solvers, nonclassical hyperbolic problems, source terms

Multidimensional problems: Some PDE models, fully discrete and semi-discrete methods, methods for scalar and systems of pde

Parallel programming using MPI and PETSc (Fortran/C/C++)