Praveen Chandrashekar

Centre for Applicable Mathematics, TIFR, Bangalore

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Computers at TIFR-CAM

We have two good workstations running Linux in our Centre which are listed below. They are located inside the server room and access is by ssh without password, i.e., you need to copy your ssh public keys to these computers. Most of the software are already installed, you can set the path by adding following line to your $HOME/.bash_profile file

. /home/praveen/.setenv

Logout and login for the settings to work.

You can ssh into these machines using their hostname or IP number, see below

ssh -Y euler

The extra option -Y enables you to get display of some X programs. For example, the document viewer is evince

evince foo.pdf

Euler (

Fourier (

Commands to get some info

See cpu info

cat /proc/cpuinfo
sudo dmidecode --type processor
sudo lshw -C cpu

See RAM info

cat /proc/meminfo
sudo dmidecode --type memory
sudo lshw -C memory

See disk info

sudo lshw -C disk

See OS info

lsb_release -a