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export AMREX_HOME=/path/to/amrex

For Arm Macs, create this file in $AMREX_HOME/Tools/GNUMake/make.local

CXX = g++-11
CC  = gcc-11
FC  = gfortran-11
F90 = gfortran-11

INCLUDE_LOCATIONS += /opt/homebrew/include

For ARM macs, you may need to edit $AMREX_HOME/Tools/GNUMake/comps/gnu.mak file to remove quadmath library; change this line

override XTRALIBS += -lgfortran -lquadmath


override XTRALIBS += -lgfortran

Compile and run a make project, specify DIM if needed (default is DIM=3)

make -j4 DIM=2
./exe inputs

To use visit for animating solution

ls -1 plt*/Header | tee master.visit
visit -o master.visit